Frequently Asked Questions
What makes the stylists at Dream Lash Studio qualified to perform the services offered?
Every stylist at Dream Lash Studio is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also licensed and certified to work on your eyelashes and/or eyebrows. All licenses and certifications are prominently displayed in the Studio.

Visit our gallery to view original work by Dream Lash Studio stylists.

What are individual eyelash extensions?
Individual eyelash extensions are synthetic silk, faux mink, or mink lashes that are individually applied to your natural lashes to enhance its length, thickness, and fullness.
What is the difference between silk, faux mink, and mink lashes?
Silk and faux mink lashes are both made from synthetic fibers while mink lashes are harvested from real Siberian mink fur. The process of harvesting Siberian mink fur is more costly than manufacturing synthetic lashes, thus the price difference in the lash extensions. Mink lashes have a softer look and feel to them but do not hold their curl as well as silk and faux mink lashes. There is more of a substantial difference between thicker silk/faux mink lashes and real mink lashes, but with the introduction of thinner and lighter synthetic lashes, you can now get a look with silk and faux mink that rivals real Siberian mink lashes.
What is the process of getting individual eyelash extensions?
Prior to the application, you will consult with a trained stylist to discuss your desired look. He or she will examine your natural lashes and design a customized look that is best suited for you. Clients will then lay on a plush bed and keep their eyes closed during the application process. The stylist will carefully isolate each of your natural lashes and apply an individual eyelash extension using a high quality lash adhesive. Lashes are never applied to the skin or clumped together.
How long is the individual eyelash extension process?
The process of applying a full set of eyelash extensions generally takes an upward of one and a half hours. Lashes are carefully separated and extensions are applied to only one natural lash at a time. Relashing takes a considerably less amount of time depending on how often you come back for a fill.

In order to assist you in planning your schedule, we have provided the allotted times for services on our service page.

How long do individual eyelash extensions last?
With proper care, individual eyelash extensions will follow your own natural lash cycle. When one of your natural lashes falls out, it will take the individual extension along with it. Typically, without coming back for a fill, individual eyelash extensions will last up to six weeks. However, with regular maintenance and fills, individual eyelash extensions may last indefinitely. Please follow our maintenance and care guide to ensure the longevity of your eyelash extensions as well as the health of your natural lashes.

*Note that oily skin as well as constant agitation or use of cosmetics/products (particularly those containing oils) on or around your lashes will decrease the life of your lash extensions. Certain health conditions and medications may also contribute to lash loss or hinder lash growth.

All or most of my natural lashes have fallen out due to a health condition or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Can I still get eyelash extensions?
No, eyelash extensions are applied to existing lashes, not the eyelid. Although we may be able to work with sparse lashes and conceal small gaps with volume extensions, we cannot add lashes where there are none. Our first priority at Dream Lash Studio is to give you a fuller set of lashes while still maintaining the health of your natural lashes. A stylist will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for eyelash extensions; if not, it is recommended that you use a lash growth serum or wait until you have a healthy amount of lashes. At that point, it is recommended to start off with thinner and lighter extensions until your lashes can safely handle thicker, heavier extensions.
Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?
No, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes as long as they are properly applied and cared for. Our stylists will examine the health and condition of your natural lashes and recommend the best length and thickness to ensure that your lashes stay strong and healthy. All clients make the final decision concerning the lash extensions applied and the style created. Not following your stylist’s advice may result in lash damage.

*Aftercare is a large component in keeping your lashes healthy and the extensions long-lasting. Be sure to refrain from rubbing or pulling on your lashes and follow our aftercare instructions for the best results.

What are classic and volume eyelash extensions and the difference between them?
Both classic and volume lashes are considered individual eyelash extensions. During the individual eyelash extension application, your natural lashes are separated and an extension is applied to only one natural lash at a time. This meticulous process takes an upward of one and a half hours for a full set of lashes.

Classic lash extensions denote the placing of a singular lash extension to a singular natural lash. The result is a beautiful “mascara” look, which gives you thicker and longer lashes without any clumping. The classic lash technique is the most natural type of lash extensions available, although the style and lashes used may give clients a more dramatic look.

Volume lash extensions denote the placing of multiple lash extensions to a singular natural lash. 2 lash extensions are applied per existing natural lash in 2D volume, 3 lash extensions are applied per existing natural lash in 3D volume, and so on. The lash extensions used in volume lashing are thinner and lighter than those used in classic lashing, which results in a soft, full set of lashes.

Lashes will fall off on their own and do not need to be removed.

How are flare eyelash extensions different from classic and volume eyelash extensions?
Although some salons and stylists may advertise flare lashes as individual extensions, during the flare eyelash extension application, your natural lashes are not isolated; therefore, this technique is not truly considered individual eyelash extensions. Flare lashes come in clusters of 3-6 synthetic lashes and take no more than 30 minutes to apply. This method results in a very dramatic lash look and is best suited for special occasions, rather than everyday extensions.

We recommend that flare extensions be removed after one week to ensure that your natural lashes can properly grow and shed. For this reason we do not offer relashing, but a complimentary lash removal is included for flare extensions.

What is the difference between a full set and a half set of eyelash extensions?
40-55 extensions are applied per eye for a half set compared to a full set in which 80-120+ extensions are applied per eye. Half sets are only available for classic lashes and relashing is not offered. This is recommended for clients who are new to lash extensions or want an extremely natural look. When a significant amount of lashes have been lost, clients may come back for a new half or full set.
Can I get relashed at Dream Lash Studio if I currently have lash extensions from another salon?
No, unfortunately we cannot vouch for the quality of lash extensions applied at another salon. However, we do offer complimentary lash removal of any existing lash extensions with a new full set of lashes.
What are eyebrow extensions?
Eyebrow extensions are very similar to eyelash extensions in the way they increase the fullness of your eyebrows. If needed, our stylists will tint your natural brow hairs before applying brow extensions. Unlike eyelash extensions, however, eyebrow extensions may be placed on your skin as well as on your existing brow hairs.
How long do eyebrow extensions last?
Eyebrow extensions typically last between 3-4 weeks. Any brow extensions placed directly on the skin will last a significantly shorter amount of time as the natural oils that come into contact with the extensions will loosen the bond.
Do you take walk-ins?
Yes, we do accept walk-ins upon availability. However, our services can take some time, so appointments are recommended.
How do I make an appointment?
Appointments are best made in person or over the phone during normal business hours.

You may also submit appointment requests through our online booking system. Once submitted, a stylist will call to confirm the booking of your appointment.

*All appointments require a credit card and/or a $25 deposit, which will be applied to your service cost. Clients who are more than 15 minutes late will be considered a no-show and charged a nonrefundable $25 fee. Please contact us to cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to avoid this fee. By booking an appointment, all clients agree to the cancellation/no-show policy.

What is your cancellation/no-show policy?
Our 24-hour cancellation policy requires you to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours before your appointment time. A $25 fee is applicable when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment within the 24-hour window. Clients who are more than 15 minutes late will be considered a no-show and charged a nonrefundable $25 fee.

By booking an appointment, all clients agree to the cancellation/no-show policy.

Are there currently any promotions or specials?
Be sure to like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with any specials. You may also call or inquire in store for more information.
What do I need to do to get ready?
If this is your first time coming for eyelash/eyebrow extensions, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete registration forms and consult with a stylist about your desired look.

Do not chemically treat your eyelashes (e.g., tinting, perming, etc.) 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Do not apply heavy creams, lotions, or oils to your face 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Avoid bending and twisting your eyelashes; do not rub or sleep on them.

Do not curl your eyelashes on the day of your appointment.

Come in with a clean face, bare of eye and face cosmetics, including foundation, concealer, eye makeup, mascara, and eye or facial creams and serums. Do not use an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover.

If you cannot come in with a clean face, please arrive early to cleanse your eye area before the start of your appointment in order to maximize your time with the stylist.

Bring your eyeglasses/contact lens case. If wearing contact lenses, they should be removed upon arrival. It is recommended that you do not reinsert your contact lenses for at least 3 hours after the eyelash extension procedure.

It is also recommended that clients take a shower beforehand as you should avoid water/liquids for the first 24 hours following the eyelash/eyebrow extension application.

What do I need to do to maintain my eyelash/eyebrow extensions?
Avoid wearing contact lenses for the first 3 hours.

Avoid getting an airbrush or spray tan for the first 3 hours.

Avoid getting the extensions wet for the first 24 to 48 hours. Do not let the shower water stream hit your extensions.

Avoid steam and excessive heat (e.g., steam rooms/saunas) for the first 48 hours. When taking hot showers, make sure that the air vent is on or the door is open to avoid steam.

Avoid cosmetics or facial products that contain oils, PEG (polyethylene glycol), propylene glycol, or propylene carbonate. These ingredients have the ability to break down the adhesive.

Do not pull, rub, twist, or excessively touch your extensions. The oils on your hands will decrease the life of the extensions and you risk damaging your natural lash/brow hairs in the process.

Avoid waterproof cosmetics on or around your extensions, e.g. mascaras and eyeliners.

Use lint-free applicators to clean and remove eye makeup.

Do not towel or blow-dry your extensions; gently blot them with your eyes closed and let the lashes/brows dry naturally.

For Eyelash Extensions:

If applying mascara, only apply sparingly on the ends of the lashes.

Do not perm, tint, or use manual eyelash curlers.

Keep lashes clean by using a lash shampoo. Lashes protect your eyes from dirt and debris. It is important to clean your lashes daily, but do so gently. Poor hygiene or improper cleaning may result in itchiness, irritation, and inflammation of the eyelids.

Use a clean spoolie or lash comb to straighten and separate your lashes.

It is normal to experience the loss of a few lashes during the first 24 hours after application.

Our lashes grow and 1-5 will naturally shed every day. This, along with general care, determines how long your eyelash extensions will last.

Touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks.

***Please contact us for any additional questions you may have.