Houston Eyelash Extensions and Microblading 3D Eyebrows

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes the stylists at Dream Lash Studio qualified to perform the services offered?
What are individual eyelash extensions?
What is the difference between silk, faux mink, and mink lashes?
What is the process of getting individual eyelash extensions?
How long is the individual eyelash extension process?
How long do individual eyelash extensions last?

All or most of my natural lashes have fallen out due to a health condition or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Can I still get eyelash extensions?
Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?
What are classic and volume eyelash extensions and the difference between them?

How are flare eyelash extensions different from classic and volume eyelash extensions?
What is the difference between a full set and a half set of eyelash extensions?
Can I get relashed at Dream Lash Studio if I currently have lash extensions from another salon?
What are eyebrow extensions?
How long do eyebrow extensions last?
Do you take walk-ins?
How do I make an appointment?
What is your cancellation/no-show policy?
Are there currently any promotions or specials?
What do I need to do to get ready?
What do I need to do to maintain my eyelash/eyebrow extensions?
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