Houston Eyelash Extensions and Microblading 3D Eyebrows

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Welcome to Dream Lash Studio

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We are a Houston based eyelash studio that specializes in semi-permanent eyelash
extensions. Our experienced staff are proud to provide you with the highest quality
eyelash application. Reserve your spot today!


Why Choose Dream Lash Studio?

Dream Lash Studio offers premier brow and eyelash extension services. Whether
you want to enhance your natural beauty or cut down on makeup prep time, we
will customize a tailored look to meet your specific needs.

Highest Quality & Safety Standards

Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist

Individually Customized Looks

Sterilized Tools and Equipment

Friendly & Informative Approach

Superior Lash & Brow Products


High Quality Lash Extensions

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We use the highest quality lash extensions to create fuller lashes that will help your eyes
stand out. Choose from Silk/Faux Mink, Color, or pure Siberian mink fur to create
a look that compliments your natural beauty. Make an appointment today!


Vibrant Color Lash Extensions

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Make your eyes pop with our color lash extensions. Our certified lash artists will
individually apply the color lashes of your choice to add an excitingly bold
dimension to a natural, luxurious look.


Prior to the application, you will consult with a trained stylist to discuss your desired look.


He or she will examine your natural lashes and design a customized look that is best suited for you.


The stylist will carefully apply an individual eyelash extension using a medical grade adhesive.

Dream Lashes

You will be set and ready to go with a fuller natural set of eyelashes. You will be instructed with aftercare.

The Lashes of Your Dreams

Benefits of Lash Extensions

Houston Eyelash Extensions

One of the main advantages of wearing eyelash extensions is how much time you can save during your daily routine. Eyelash extensions add thickness and length to lashes, opening up the eye for added definition.

  • Less time consuming in daily beauty routine
  • Provides a natural looking fullness to lashes
  • Light and comfortable on the eyes
  • People won’t know you are wearing fake eyelashes
  • No more daily installs of strip eyelashes

Houston's Leading Lash Extension Studio

Come relax at Dream Lash Studio. Located in the heart of Houston, our warm and inviting space will make you feel like time is drifting away while you relax and get pampered. At Dream Lash Studio, our goal is to be the premier eyelash boutique in Houston. Our eyelash extension specialists have been developing new techniques to satisfy each and every one of our clients with superior service and top quality skills. As a valued client, we want to ensure your experience is pleasurable every time you step inside Dream Lash Studio.
A Preview of Some of Our Services
Classic Lash Extensions
A single lash extension is applied to an individual natural lash.
Volume Lash Extensions
Using thinner and lighter lashes, multiple extensions may be placed on your natural lash to create a fuller look.
Microblading 3D Eyebrows
Each ‘hair’ is gently created to enhance or reshape the incredibly natural and realistic look.
Client Testimonial
<span>, Houston, Texas</span>
"I have always been interested in lash extensions. At first I thought I would just do it for a month or so, but then I got addicted to how great my lashes looked. I get Xtreme eyelash extensions, and I don’t want them to look fake so we keep them pretty conservative. I get tons of compliments on them. At least two people a week tell me how beautiful my lashes are, and they are shocked when I tell them they’re fake. Mission accomplished!"
- Cara Olson, Houston, Texas